Retirement Benefits in the Gig Economy

Glancing through a newsletter that I recently received from an investment advisor, I happened upon the following article:

From the July/August 2020 issue of In The Know issued by the Nye Financial Group

This summarizes the problem for the 50+ workforce pretty well. Through the non-profit EncoreNEO that I am involved with we are presenting the option of freelancing and self-employment as a solution to the difficulty that this group has in finding traditional employment. One of the topics we cover is financial solutions for the freelancers/self-employed.

I have found the following books to be helpful in providing an overview of this topic: The Gig Is Up by Olga Mizrahi (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2018); The Gig Economy by Diane Mulcahy (American Management Association, 2017); The Freelancer’s Bible by Sara Horowitz (Workman Publishing, 2012).

The Gig Is Up: Thrive in the Gig Economy, Where Old Jobs Are Obsolete and Freelancing Is the Future

More to come on this subject, including potential legislative changes to assist self-employed workers to deal with the issue of obtaining these benefits outside of the traditional employer-provided environment. Watch for the next post.

Published by Dave Waldorf

Former Human Resource and legal professional specializing in HR compliance advisory services. Finding my new life in Arizona with my wife of 43 years and our two shelties.

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