Ten Principles of Positive HR

The following are principles that I believe to be the cornerstones of a positive workplace environment, no matter what type of business you have, stated in a biblical format. Thou shalt not….. 1. lie to your employees…..why should they then believe you when you tell the truth? 2. discriminate on the basis of race, gender,Continue reading “Ten Principles of Positive HR”

Employee Handbook Do’s and Don’ts

” In my many years of working with employers in the preparation of their employee handbooks (or updates), here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts that I stressed: Do’s ♥♥♥ Do spend time making your handbook unique to your business/organization. Do write it in a clear and readable format, and provide examples of policyContinue reading “Employee Handbook Do’s and Don’ts”

Employee Handbooks 

In my experience, most if not all employers with 100 or more employees have an employee handbook which they distribute to all employees upon hire.    Of course, they also have an HR and/or communications department to manage the handbook content, add updates/revisions. I have had many small business (which I define as less thanContinue reading “Employee Handbooks “