Update on Employee Handbook Do’s and Don’ts

For a number of years (i.e. the Obama era) the National Labor Relation Board (NLRB), the federal agency that is responsible for administering the National Labor Relations Act (the Act), has found numerous reasons to negate employer policies in employee handbooks as being in violation of employee rights under the Act.  During that period, theyContinue reading “Update on Employee Handbook Do’s and Don’ts”


Is Employment Really “At-Will”?

In advising employers regarding disciplinary issues with an employee, I have found that they have often felt that it was not necessary to be able to substantiate their decision to fire the employee and end the employment relationship, on the basis that “employment-at-will” is the law of the land. What is “employment-at-will” anyway?  It isContinue reading “Is Employment Really “At-Will”?”

Employee Handbook Do’s and Don’ts

” In my many years of working with employers in the preparation of their employee handbooks (or updates), here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts that I stressed: Do’s ♥♥♥ Do spend time making your handbook unique to your business/organization. Do write it in a clear and readable format, and provide examples of policyContinue reading “Employee Handbook Do’s and Don’ts”