Exit Interviews – what are they and why do them?

Exit interviews have been an HR responsibility for as long as I have worked in HR (over 40 years).¬† In my experience, every employee who voluntarily ended employment was asked to meet with an HR representative who would collect information regarding that employee’s reason for leaving and experience while they were employed. ¬† It wasContinue reading “Exit Interviews – what are they and why do them?”


A quick look at why people quit their jobs

The U.S. Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) historical tracking of job quit rates indicates a steady rise since 2010. Employee turnover is costly because of the costs of recruitment and training, as well as the impact on productivity. So there is a real incentive to reduce turnover, increase retention. The Gallup Inc.Continue reading “A quick look at why people quit their jobs”

HR and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In a previous blog I reviewed the history of industrial revolutions in the U.S. and the proposition that there is a real need for bolstering social connections and¬†collaboration (aka teamwork) in today’s workplaces, and that HR plays a key role in filling that gap. When I graduated high school, it was my intent to becomeContinue reading “HR and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”