Background Checks

Background checks for new hires have historically been one of the administrative maintenance items that are relegated to the HR department. More recently, much of this task has been outsourced to third-party background check firms, due mainly to (1) lack of internal resources to devote to this task and (2) complexity of the compliance issuesContinue reading “Background Checks”


Employment Applications

As noted in a previous post, it is good practice to have candidates you are considering for employment, or at a minimum, those that you interview for a position, complete an employment application form, either online or the old-fashioned way (hard copy, that is). Many employers have moved to online applications to improve the recordkeepingContinue reading “Employment Applications”

Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts

One of the most difficult tasks for a small business is the employment/selection process, hiring new talent (or talent acquisition as commonly referred to today).  Unless you are contracting your entire search and selection process with a third-party, there are some basics that you need to know regarding the selection process as it relates toContinue reading “Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts”