“Retiring” Retirement

I recently facilitated a session for Osher Lifelong Learning (OLLI) in Prescott AZ entitled “Retiring Retirement”, based mainly on a TED Talk by Jan Allen (“Retiring Retirement: A Personal Upgrade for the 3rd 3rd”), but also drawing from the book The 100 Year Life by Linda Gratton and Andrew Scott. Here are a couple ofContinue reading ““Retiring” Retirement”

Retirement Benefits in the Gig Economy

Glancing through a newsletter that I recently received from an investment advisor, I happened upon the following article: This summarizes the problem for the 50+ workforce pretty well. Through the non-profit EncoreNEO that I am involved with we are presenting the option of freelancing and self-employment as a solution to the difficulty that this groupContinue reading “Retirement Benefits in the Gig Economy”